Yangshuo Snakes | Restaurants Reviews IV

Yangshuo is known for it’s famous (so they say themselves) beer fish. We tried it, it’s ok but what really can make you go home with a story is Yangshuo snakes. Ordering snake means you have to give the restaurant some time so the poacher can go out and fetch one. That was the feel we got. The snake is fresh and you have a photo-op with it. I held one but I am still waiting for the answer whether it was poisonous or not. Most other places also offer the snake experience. After the pic with the life-version, they squeeze its blood out and mix this with strong liquor. Later they serve you the snake dish although it was pretty hard to find bits of the beast itself. Taste is nothing special though, it is more the idea although I did feel stronger afterwards.

Yangshuo - Twin Peaks Cafe - West Street

  • Breakfast (2 fried eggs, juice, coffee, 2 x toast, ham/bacon, hash brown) - 20 Rmb - Not bad at all.
  • Wine - Cabernet Sauvignon - 80 Rmb
  • Small Snake - 60 Rmb - Fresh but hardly any taste

Popular place with good food. A bit too busy at times though.

Yangshuo - Minni Mao Cafe - Side street of West Street

  • Beer - 630 mm - 7 Rmb - They also pretend to serve draft beer but beware, it is just a bottle
  • Garlic Bread - 8 Rmb - 4 excellent pieces with lots of garlic and cheese
  • Club Sandwich - 15 Rmb - served in a nice basket, with fries, very good
  • Wine - Cabernet Sauvignon - 90 Rmb

They hardly speak English but they serve good food.


  • Breakfast (2 fried eggs, 2 toast, butter or jam, coffee or orange juice) - 20 Rmb

We won’t be coming back here. This one was the worst experience ever breakfast wise. The oil used for frying the eggs is as old as the grandfather who gestured us in. The coffee, … lukewarm and the toast is not really toasted. The juice was passable though. The worst was maybe the fact that one of their touts asked us whether we liked the food. Our “No, not at all” was accepted with unbelief, a short laugh and once again she asked ….
We said “No, really, no”. She gave us one more look, as we were crazy, sat at our table and tried to sell us a tour.

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2 Responses to “Yangshuo Snakes | Restaurants Reviews IV”

  1. China Blog | China Snippets - Shanghai Views » Blog Archive » Yangshuo Updates
    July 4th, 2005 01:00

    ing a guide is clear the moment your bike breaks down. Yangshuo Restaurant Reviews III Yangshuo Restaurant Reviews IV This entr …

  2. Peter
    November 29th, 2007 23:32

    Lisa’s is notoriously overrated through the years. Apparently they think they can still go around because they have the name. Yes, they were one of the very first but since years, despite the Lonely Planets misplaced advertising, they are one of the worst places to eat and stay,


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