Kids Vaccinated Against Corruption | Blame the West

I paraphrased the title of an article in the China Daily that reads “China to ‘vaccinate’ kids against corruption”

China plans to ‘vaccinate’ the younger generation against the evil of corruption by teaching a new class, as part of the on-going nationwide anti-corruption campaign.

So far so good, actually I would say it is about time. Hold on, I read on and the real reason pops up.

The new education program is aimed at protecting the young from the “bad influence” of certain corruptive concepts and phenomena from the West, says a document from the Ministry of Education (MOE). “It is of vital importance for students of all levels to bear anti-corruption in mind and fight against corruption,” it says.

Right, that’s it.. The West is corrupt. It’s a - let’s pump some more lies into those innocent heads - campaign. Almost thought there would be some reflection.

Luckily the article gives a bit of space to a different voice. Writer Guo Songmin was quoted as saying.

“The changing situation is not key to the corruption problem. The essence of corruption lies in the answer to the question: ‘Who’ has been corrupt deeds and set a bad example for young students?”

Thanks god, reason is still allowed for now.

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2 Responses to “Kids Vaccinated Against Corruption | Blame the West”

  1. Gordon
    July 31st, 2005 06:15

    How do you like that. For 5,000 yars the West has been corrupting China?

  2. Administrator
    July 31st, 2005 06:25

    Actually I think before all was better. The 5000 years of isolation worked out well. It wasn’t until the moment those darn westerners came that the need for these kind of vaccinations became necessary.

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