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Traffic is hot here. New subway lines are being build while cars are doing their best to clog up every road there is. I remember being on my way to the airport a few weeks ago and actually being stopped from entering the ring road. Road closed, too many cars was the message.

It will get safer on the new line 4 (opens in the end of the year) in Shanghai as all stations get safety partitions. (source: Xinhua)

There is supposed to be a new Shanghai traffic website where you can find the best route of the day. In good Chinese tradition the mentioned website (probably using Chinese language), operational since yesterday, is inactive at the moment. Too many traffic jams I guess but in case they will be able to revive it, here is the address.
Shanghai Domain

Interestingly enough the domain was registered many years ago, 1999 to be exact so they were thinking long term at the time. If they would have done the same with the real highways it would have been even better.

(source: Shanghai Daily)

Update: It’s weekend and the website is reachable. I guess less traffic helped (Site is only in Chinese by the way)

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2 Responses to “Shanghai News | The Best Tidbits of the Day”

  1. Micah
    September 9th, 2005 02:18

    Hey, did you redesign your website? I don’t remember it looking so nice! Color me impressed.

    I read in the newspaper that they also closed down some sections of the freeway recently to repaint the lines, changing them from 3 lanes to 4 lanes. Sounds like a stop-gap measure, obviously not a long-term solution, but it’s good that things are being done. I can’t wait to check out the traffic website when it comes back online.

  2. Administrator
    September 9th, 2005 03:05

    Thanks. Did some redesign some time ago as I was fed up with the old one. Slowly I intend to expand a bit and keep on improving:)

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