The Higher Status of Chinese Women

In the hard copy of the “New Weekly” 新周刊 (xīn zhōu kān) (a rather interesting Chinese publication) of 2005-09-01 there is nice phrase about the presumed higher status of Women in China.

nán rén de fǎ dìng jiēhūn niánlíng shì 22 suì
Men’s legal age to marry is 22 years

fǎdìng dāng bīng niánlíng shì 17 suì
The legal age to serve as a soldier is 17 years

zhè shuōmíng nǚ rén bǐ dírén hái nán duìfù
This means that women are even more difficult to handle than enemies

Discaimer: This is just a poor man’s attempt to translate so let me know if there are any mistakes.

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One Response to “The Higher Status of Chinese Women”

  1. k
    October 5th, 2005 17:32

    Easy! Please.

    I’m just learning chinese and really value the double translation of PinYin/Chinese/English…, its more appreciated than you can imagine..,

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