Panda Politics | The Winners Are ..!!!!

Chinese PandasIt’s already old news, I do realize that. No doubt it has been the opening item in the news all over the world so what I am about to tell you won’t be that exciting.

Still, I posted before about the arduous task “the people who decide” had in determining the winners of the Panda Pageant so I had to follow up. If the Shanghai Daily can open twice in a week with a big picture of Pandas, so can I.

Last Friday it became official. After a succesful trial marriage, where they showed superiority to their peers in appearance and health, No. 19 (male) and No. 16 (female) will be the chosen representatives.

Yes, you read it correctly, No. 19 and No. 16. How original to give them these names isn’t it.

There is a catch though. A chosen panda is not like any panda who can be named by an ordinary keeper, no, no it will be something the people can choose.

Mainland officials have started looking for suitable names for the two pandas.

An ideal name will consist of two Chinese characters and fully embody the aspiration of Chinese compatriots across the Taiwan Strait, ….

The China Wildlife Conservation Association will be responsible for choosing a list of potential names for the animals.

“We’ll shortlist 10 pairs of names which will be publicized at the Spring Festival gala on Chinese Central Television on January 28, the eve of the Chinese lunar New Year.

The couple will be given the names that receive the most votes from TV viewers,”

Mind you, that Spring Festival gala is one of the most watched programs in the year so I am sure the sms voting will be a nice moneymaker. It all sounds swell and dandy and I can’t wait to watch a program just to find out what 10 pair names of names they came up with.

Maybe something in the line of beibei, jingjing, huanhuan, yingying, nini, the five uglies of the coming olympics.

The only thing that can make all this merry and joy become tears is this.

Authorities in Taiwan have been accused of politicizing the offer of two pandas, and have yet to agree to accept the gift.

Source: SH - Link

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One Response to “Panda Politics | The Winners Are ..!!!!”

  1. China’s Panda Cam | Shanghai China | Snippets & Views
    June 12th, 2006 05:49

    Maybe they will do another National panda naming contest during the next Spring Festival Gala. …

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