China Environment Statistics

It’s time for some more statistics, derived from the expat magazine 8days.

As it is pretty clear China isn’t known for it’s environmental friendliness. It’s more about production, production, creating jobs and production. In a way very understandable as the Western world, although in a different phase, does the same.

Asking the Chinese to apply strict regulations to decrease the pollution is great but jobs come first, people with jobs will buy cars and why deny them the fun which others already have for a long time. Actually it is just like any other country with the difference that China is bigger and as a result so is it’s impact .

The consequence of course is that the world will be hardly livable in 100 years or so but that’s a global issue most people don’t like to think or care about. Life is now, consuming is great and the more the better.

    In the top 20 of most polluted cities in the world 16 are in China

    300 cities in China face water shortages (not included temporarily shortages like the Songhua river)

    70% of China’s rivers is polluted

    385 species are endangered

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One Response to “China Environment Statistics”

  1. john
    April 22nd, 2008 11:43

    “70% of China‚Äôs rivers is polluted” -ARE polluted

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