Wishful Thinking | Opinions Shanghai Daily

Three opinions in todays Shanghai Daily. Up to you whether you agree with me or with them:

1. Free flow of ideas with Internet in China

“A strong government under the leadership of the Communist Party, with one feature being state ownership of the news media, is by no means necessarily antithetical to the free flow of ideas. “

2. Children will continue to take care of old parents (reason 4)

There is a fourth reason which is rooted in China’s traditional culture. Chinese people run the risk of being regarded as unfilial if they send their old parents away. The concept of Yang Er Fang Lao, which means raising one’s child so that one can live a comfortable life supported by his or her child in return, has a hidden assumption - children have to live with their parents.

3. Avoid cyberspace tool for cheating in exams

Before sending money to buy such service, however, think about this: When you want to cheat someone, can you make sure you won’t be cheated in return?

Source: Shanghai Daily 1, 2, 3

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