Shanghai Daily Bogus Headline

How to write an article about an professor with a very Chinese name, Yang Jie, of the “famous” Shanghai university Tongji who apparently faked his credentials.

Make a headline focusing on “Bogus Overseas

Tongji University Fake Diploma

Not that is mentioned how “overseas” the professor is.

Source: The only source you know you can trust.
(note: this link has a short lifespan as after a couple of days it will be hidden behind a paid wall.)

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3 Responses to “Shanghai Daily Bogus Headline”

  1. KRwashington
    June 26th, 2006 09:49

    China correspondent Tim Johnson has started a new blog of his impressions of Chinese news, culture, politics and the oddities of adjusting to life in the Middle Kingdom. Check it out:

  2. Calvin
    June 28th, 2006 23:13

    Hi there. Is it possible to exchange link with me? Here is my blog - It if focused on 2 topics: 1). guidelines on relocation to Shanghai; 2). linguistics and philosophy.
    Please send me an e-mail if it is feasible. Thanks very much.

  3. Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » China: Blogger-poets
    October 1st, 2006 15:24

    In Qian Zhongshu’s (钱钟树) 1947 novel Fortress Besieged (围城), one of the greatest works of twentieth-century Chinese literature, protagonist Fang Hung-chien attempts to build a career with a fake degree from an imaginary American university. As seen in a post yesterday [zh] from Bullog blogger Fang Zhouzi, life does still imitate art, seventy years later, and at even the highest levels in Chinese society: 吴征“博士”失母校:巴灵顿大学关门大吉 Wu Zheng “PhD” Loses alma mater: Barrington University’s Lucky Day 在中国很著名的美国“大学”、吴征获得其博士学位的巴灵顿大学(又写做巴林顿、柏林顿、百林顿大学)在2004年被美国总审计局特殊调查办公室认定为属于标价贩卖文凭的“文凭制造厂”(diploma mill)。 The American “university” so renowned in China where Wu Zheng earned his doctorate, Barrington University, was deemed by the Government Accountability Office’s Office of Special Investigations as a “diploma mill”, selling diplomas for a fixed price. …

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