Nip and Tuck on Holiday in China

story haoPlastic surgery is a booming business in China. As insecurity is mounting and jobs are less available students start to use their holidays to sculpt their face, higher the nose, get double eyelids and inflate the boobs.

The summer holiday is a convenient time as it gives the bruises time to heal.

I’ll just quote a bit. It’s sad but unfortunately a reality these days.

“I want to be more beautiful, to perfect myself,” said Pan, a student at one of China’s most prestigious law schools,… “My face is too big and flat, like all Asians. I would also like to make my nose higher,” said the attractive 23-year-old.

She is attractive but ….

“There is definitely a trend in students having operations,” said Dr Liu Yanqun, EverCare’s director. His hospital gives students 20 percent discounts on plastic surgery procedures.

Sure, let’s encourage students that having your faced spruced up is the best way forward

“Parents encourage their kids to go under the knife with the hope that a prettier face may give them an edge. “

Thanks mum, thanks dad for putting me on this world looking like a duck.

miss plastic surgery china
And for all those spiced up creatures, in case you still fail to find a job you can participate in the Miss Plastic Surgery Pageant.

Source: plastic surgery holidays
Picture: China Daily -
Another read : The story of Lucy Hao on CNN -
Series: Nip & Tuck is one one of my favorite series about 2 plastic surgeons working on bored housewives. Season 4 starts 5 Sept. 2006 in the US. Probably a couple of weeks later it’s available near you, if you live in China that is.

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3 Responses to “Nip and Tuck on Holiday in China”

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  2. the chief
    September 6th, 2006 11:19

    Nice post ! I recently talked about this facial surgery frenzy too :

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