Shanghai F1 Statistics

The racing cars are coming to town. As it is, the F1 these days is as boring as watching a cup of coffee being made in Starbucks. Okay, I have to correct myself here. The first 5 minutes of the race can be fun as this is the moment with the highest probability cars will launched in the air, crash into each other or just fail to drive one meter. (schedule grandprix of China)

The first of October the tires will rub the tarmac for real. SH has digged up some stats about the F1 and Shanghai.

  • F1 2005 Revenue Tickets - 250.000.000 Rmb
  • Shanghai Circuit Area - 5.3 square kilometers
  • Worldwide TV audience F1 2005 - 400 million
  • Capacity of Shanghai circuit - 200.000 spectators
  • Number of Michael Schumacher’s hats sold during the 2005 race - only 1200
  • Cheapest ticket 2006, standing on the grass - 380 Rmb

china shanghai grandprix
If anyone has some nice paddock tickets for me, I might be willing to convert myself to a F1 groupie:)

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3 Responses to “Shanghai F1 Statistics”

  1. Chikashi
    September 28th, 2006 22:19

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  2. Frederico
    December 2nd, 2006 19:32

    My name is Frederico and I’m a student of IPAM Portugal. Now I’m in a work search, but a can’t identify the marks of coffee exists in China. Can you please help me? It’s very important.

    Frederico Lacerda Pacheco

  3. Shanghai
    December 7th, 2006 05:57


    I don’t know much about the coffe industry but I do know that they grow coffee in Yunnan and in Hainan. Search around a bit with words like Yunnan coffee or Hainan coffee and I’m sure you’ll find more info.

    Good luck

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