Pudong Street Signs Are Bigger

Shanghai Consists of two Parts if you generalize it a bit.

There is Puxi and there is Pudong. West (Xi) from the river and East (Dong) from the river Huangpu. Puxi has been there for ages and has all the old buildings. Pudong is relatively new, built on swamp land and home to futuristic architecture.

Pudong is also more over sized which is expressed by their street signs.

A Puxi street sign

puxi street sign

A Pudong street sign

pudong street sign

If you don’t see the difference it’s due to my picture taking capabilities, the Pudong one. Believe me, the Pudong street signs are huge.

Photos:Puxi & Pudong Street Signs - Le Niners on Flickr (104 + photos of street signs in Shanghai

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5 Responses to “Pudong Street Signs Are Bigger”

  1. Imagethief
    October 15th, 2006 08:42

    CNET 35: Google hasn’t given up on Guge yet…

    Google hasn’t given up on “Guge” yet
    October 15, 2006

    Or to paraphrase……

  2. Jessica Copeland
    October 15th, 2006 16:47

    Interesting. Hmmm.


  3. pudongkid
    December 18th, 2006 12:29

    I’m afraid you are wrong. We have those green street signs as well. Have you noticed that the bigger blue ones are always only found at street corners? Never in the middle of a road? That’s because these are only made for the convenience of people behind the wheels.

  4. Shanghai
    December 18th, 2006 21:00

    Thanks. I have never noticed the green street signs in Pudong, my bad, as I hardly venture beyond the Starbucks next to the river. I like the big ones though, easy to read.

  5. thepudongkid
    February 11th, 2007 18:33

    Yeah, I can imagine. There’s really not much to do over here. We got those bigger signs because the city figured that there are probably more people driving in Pudong. I mean, I used to live in Puxi too but my whole family decided to move to the other side of the river as soon as my dad got a car. The streets are so much wider here (You are so right), and most importantly, few places in Puxi have free parking spaces.

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