Back to Shanghai with Spring Airlines

Back to Shanghai with Spring Airlines

Our airline was Spring Airlines, one of the very few official budget airlines in China. I already mentioned in a previous post that Hainan Airport sucks at the moment due to ongoing construction. Flying with Spring Airlines doesn’t make it any better. It’s the ultimum of cattle class. Leg spaces is non-existing, a tall foreigner next to me had his legs folded up against the lap tray table (it wasn’t opened) the whole flight. Spring Airlines doesn’t offer food for free so bring some with you.

A lasting memory of Hainan

Chinese tourists haiwaiian style
Despite my occasional ranting I like Hainan and its beaches. One of the things I noticed is that the average Chinese tourist has evolved from a baseball cap wearing tour group member to the couple wearing unisex Chinafied Hawaiian combinations. Give it a couple of more years and they may start to dress themselves as individuals.

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One Response to “Back to Shanghai with Spring Airlines”

  1. No Prawns Today in Sanya | Shanghai China Snippets
    December 9th, 2006 23:39

    Tomorrow more about the way back and Spring Airlines …

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