Fresh Zebra Crossings in Shanghai

A new zebra crossing in our street

It’s amazing how fast and efficient our street is re-paved and gets the zebra crossings as a finishing touch.

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6 Responses to “Fresh Zebra Crossings in Shanghai”

  1. Shopgirl
    February 3rd, 2007 17:24

    hehe, never thought of it like that

  2. China Law Blog
    February 5th, 2007 03:19

    I sure don’t trust those things in China. I don’t think the cars even slow down, much less stop. They might mean if you are killed you get an extra 250 RMB, but I wouldn’t even count on that.

  3. David
    February 5th, 2007 03:25

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  4. Shanghai
    February 5th, 2007 23:04

    I also don’t trust them too much, I use my eyes and ears and at times start waving at approaching cars to make sure they are aware of the fact someone else is using the road.

    Hopefully one day the zebra crossings will have more than a symbolical meaning.

  5. Gordon Choi
    February 8th, 2007 16:09

    Those years when I lived in Hong Kong, I used to see this kind of lightning speed street & infrastructure development as well. Recently what I heard from a few friends in Shanghai that apparently this “speed” has arrived in Shanghai a couple of years ago.

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