Run in Shanghai with the Olympic Torch

It’s now less than a year before they start, the Olympic Games (link) in Beijing. Part of the whole event is the Olympic torch that travels the world and end it’s journey during the opening ceremony. Shanghai is one of the lucky cities that will host the torch.

Ok, get your agenda and jot fown the following dates, 20 an 21st of May 2008. Ok, that’d done. Now comes the real kicker.

There will be 416 torch bearers running in Shanghai and 70 of them will be ordinary city residents. A maximum of 5% of these can be a expats. That gives 3.5 expats the chance to be a real part of this event and show how much integrated he/she is. I haven’t got around yet how to solve the 0.5 expat part but I’m sure they will find a solution to this, just like the games will be green as grass and the pavements will be spitless.

If you’re up to it, go here(website is in Chinese) register. In February 2008 the lucky runners will be announced. Maybe I’ll see you running when I’m watching CCTV 9.

Source: Shanghai Government

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One Response to “Run in Shanghai with the Olympic Torch”

  1. summary
    August 13th, 2007 06:47

    Hi, there! I used to live in Shanghai for four years, pretty lovely city and it has been changing everytime I got there in recent years. What a shame I can’t make it there when the event happens.

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