Shanghai World Expo Mascot Shows Teeth

What is it with mascots? They always look like being drawn by a retard that is still watching season one of Sponge Bob, which is actually a cool cartoon character aimed at kids.

After the Beijing Friendlies that went through a name makeover and became the Fuwa’s, now Shanghai has come up with as Imagethief puts it “a crossbreed of plastic TV-legend Gumby and …with Izzy, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic mascot”. Both characters I already forgot about.

This is what the geniuses of originality have come up with, Haibao (the treasure of the sea):

Shanghai World Expo Mascot

The Chinese have this to say (basic translations thanks to Google):

1. Our objective is “no cavities!”

2. How to see how it is all like a presentation!
This creative … really nothing Oh ~

3. And, like toothpaste advertisement!
No creative!

4. What are the judges? So rotten and the designs in the first ?
On that look familiar at first glance, to a certain N years ago the Black toothpaste cartoon animation, the advertisements do not innovative
toothpaste, the Shanghai World Expo will also serve as the mascot, the nerve!!

5. Too difficult to see, the lack of imagination too! ???????! It is mentally retarded products!

6. I had to think of condoms, of course, advertising is also very like toothpaste. ????????????? How would thought to what the Expo.

And this is just comments from the first page.

To read them all, click here

To be fair, it’s not just a Chinese thing but as China has the attention of the world with the Olympic Games and the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai these mascots have the limelight.

h/t - Danwei to the orginal picture

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