ZonaEuropa’s Title Tag Changed to EastSpitjWestNorth


Mystery solved, it was a typo and it has been corrected, see comment by ESWN.

While getting updated on the latest in China I visited the always very informative EastSouthWestNorth blog to read the translated essay by Huangfu Ping.

Zonaeuropa title tag

Suffering slightly from professional deformation I didn’t start reading the text of the article right away but looked first at the top left corner where the title tag is displayed.

EastSpitjWestNorth, it reads. Is it a typo, was it hacked or something else?

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2 Responses to “ZonaEuropa’s Title Tag Changed to EastSpitjWestNorth”

  1. eswn
    May 2nd, 2008 11:25

    hi, that was a typo because my mind was fading fast after pecking two days on the translation. this was 9,000+ words in Chinese, much of it in boring cant. nevertheless, it needs to be translated because of its popularity in the Chinese blogs and forums.

  2. Shanghai
    May 2nd, 2008 11:43

    Thanks, I have added an update.

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