A Day in a Life | Kunming

One more day to go in Kunming. The city I started my life in China and which I left last year.
I’m typing on a keyboard that’ s so sticky most letters have to be re-typed but it works.

Has Kunming changed since last year. No, not at all. Everything is still happening in the very laid back way it used to be. Waitresses are slow, beer is most of the time warm, and all foreigner bars have signs in the toilet telling me “No pooping/shitting or you get a 50 Rmb penalty”.

In my old apartment the fridge stopped working so we cooled the beers by hanging them in a plastic bag in the squat toilet and flush them constantly. It works and it even survived the peeing of the 10-year old son of one of my friends.

Kunming is also the place where I learned to schedule my own loo-time. Everything to avoid the public toilets where pooping is allowed.

The sun shines but because it’s 2000 meters above sea level it’s nice and not hot. I drink a coffee on one of the many terraces and will have some great Spanish food tonight.

I’ll miss Kunming but I will be happy to get back to the speed of Shanghai.

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