DVD Shop Weihai Lu/Maoming Lu

Buying fake dvd’s in the same place for more than 2 years is mind boggling. The price of dvd’s we pay is 7 kuai for dvd-5 quality and if you buy a tv-series we pay 8 Rmb per disk.

Nothing new and nothing exciting. Once you have agreed a price, unless the dvd market becomes a seller’s market, it makes sense to keep it like that. It stops the energy sucking bargaining process and it’s more time efficient.

But not when the middle aged woman is in charge. Then suddenly she wants a hell of lot more kuai per dvd. Who cares you have been there last week, who cares that you buy a lot. There’s one thing on her mind. To rather have that extra kuai now and lose future sales than having a happy returning customer.

My advice, if the middle aged woman is sitting behind the desk, don’t buy and walk on. If the old man is sitting there, buy. They have a great variety of dvd’s but please ditch the …..

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